Brian Hester grew up in Manchester, Tennessee. He began songwriting at an early age. In 2011, Brian began performing live in various venues in Nashville. Later that same year, he broadened his sound by "borrowing" band members from other local groups. Brian Hester and The Borrowed Band officially formed in the summer of 2011. Currently, The Borrowed Band is comprised of Tyler Anderson, Zakk Huddleston, Travis Clower, and Taylor Mullins. 

In record time, Brian Hester and The Borrowed Band were playing in a wide variety of venues throughout the Middle Tennessee area. 

Genres: Folk / Folk Rock, Country Rock, Americana, Bluegrass

Members: Brian Hester- Guitar/ Vocals, Tyler Anderson- All Strings, Zakk Huddleson- Bass, Taylor Mullins- Drums, Travis Clower - Guitar