• Southern Railway Station (map)
  • 306 W. Depot Ave
  • Knoxville, TN 37917
  • USA

Beans Creek is going to Knoxville this weekend!

We, along with 4 other TN wineries, will be having wine tastings at the Winter Market in downtown Knoxville, hosted by the Vineyard Association of Tennessee.

The Winter Market is located at the the Southern Station, 306 W. Depot Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917.

Tasting Tickets: $10 or FREE- the $10 price pays for tasting all winery wines and a wine glass to partake in the wine tastings and take home with you! This event is free if you do not sample any wine.

Beans Creek Winery

We will have Cynthiana, Midnight Sun, Chardonel, Roseycheeks and Apropos at the market.

Tsali Notch

Red and white muscadine wine and other products made from muscadine grapes.

Still Waters Farm

Organic Blueberry wine

Spout Springs

Three dry red vinifera wines

Blue Slip

4 selections of their 100% TN fruit wines.

We hope to see you there, Knoxvillians!