Lynn writes on chalkboards and tells stories. If you’re into conversations about goats, Mardi Gras parades, any other kinds of fun festivities, family, ghost stories, Chinese history, or just life in general, Lynn is your girl.

Before she started working at Beans Creek Winery, Lynn decorated private homes for a living. She also worked as a custom decorator for JCPenney.

She’s worked at the winery for about a year and heard about this job from her neighbor, who used to work at the winery. Lynn enjoys her job.  

“I love talking to all the interesting people from different places,” she said. “I also love working with the owners of the winery, the Browns. They’re just really, really sweet people.”

Lynn’s favorite wine is Bonnaroo Red. Inspired by the Bonnaroo Music Festival, this wine is fun, artsy, sweet, fresh and spicy – just like Lynn.  

When she’s not working, Lynn spends time with her family and her animals. She has chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, dogs and cats.

Lynn loves to read. Her favorite book is “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck. Buck describes the struggles of Chinese people before World War I. “It’s so good. It’s about a guy and his life story – the rise and fall of his fortunes,” Lynn said.  

With her versatile interests, Lynn is fun to be around. When you visit the winery, she’ll make you feel at home; you’ll feel like you’re talking to someone you’ve known for years.