Tom Brown, Beans Creek­ Winery’s founder, has been presented with an award from the Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance (TFWA) at the annual Pick TN Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Feb. 13, 2016.

This award is called The Decanter Award and this is the first year it has been presented.

Tom Brown’s son, Josh Brown, received the award on his behalf. Louisa Cooke, the owner of Beachaven Winery in Clarksville, Tennessee, presented the award.

“We felt that a ship’s decanter was an appropriate award because a decanter is a vessel that improves the wine that is poured into it. A ship's decanter has a wide, flat base that ensures that its contents will remain safe and not spill or spoil during rough voyages,” Cooke said. “The association felt that this award should go to a person who has improved the Tennessee wine industry and encouraged its stability in an ever-changing environment. Tom Brown has been that catalyst for the last 10 years by being the president of both the Tennessee Viticultural and Oenological Society and the Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance, chairman of the Tennessee Horticultural Exposition, serving on many committees and boards, while running his own winery. He is a true entrepreneur.”

Thirty wineries participated in the conference. Next year, it will be held in Franklin, Tennessee, on Feb. 16-18.

Tom and Josh Brown have been members of TFWA since 2004. TFWA represents its member wineries and vineyards and supports the production of commercial wines and grapes throughout the state.