Tom Brown doesn’t always drink wine, but when he does, he makes sure it’s made from Tennessee grapes. 

Brown was born on May 24, 1952, in McMinnville, Tennessee, and grew up in Hillsboro, Tennessee . He has made wine for 40 years. His favorite Beans Creek wine is Cynthiana. “This is a great dry red wine. I love its name, too; it sounds somehow romantic,” he says.

He likes desserts. “Desserts don’t have to be complicated,” Brown says. “All you need is a piece of chocolate, a piece of cheese and some strawberry wine, and you have a strawberry cheesecake.”

He likes history. If he could go back in time for a day, he would like to experience life in the United States in the early 19th century. He watches historical movies that are based on historical events. His favorite movie is Braveheart.

Brown respects hard-working people. His late father is one of his idols. “He personified hard-work ethics and ethical behavior,” Brown says.

Brown gives. As a part of the community, he has made many donations to local charities. One thing he’ll rarely give, though, is advice. He says, “It doesn't do any good to give advice. A smart man doesn't need it, and a fool won't take it.” 

Bless his heart; he loves his overalls. If you ever see him wearing anything different from overalls, you know that it took a lot of convincing and reminding from his wife, Becky Brown. 

He was blessed with loving family. He says, “Becky and I married in 1977, on top of the museum at Old Stone Fort.” Stone Fort is an archaeological park, located in Manchester, Tennessee. “Becky has been my rock, best friend and greatest love. She has given me three beautiful children, has stuck with me through good and bad and supported me with all my dreams. And I love her dearly!” If Brown could relive a certain period of his life, he would go back to his honeymoon.

But he likes where he is now. He is in Tennessee, makes wine, shares his knowledge with customers and has the support of his family and friends.